I have been interested in simple gesture of others from a very young age and always trying feeling invisible emotions related to them. It is still the same and one of the reason for my creation as an attitude searching existence of humans. At my father’s studio, which had many pictures I found that I could output my image in mind freely as form of expression.When I was a junior high school student, I started to take photos of people around.And then I tried visually re-creating emotions of others, which existed in our daily life.I had been searching for the methods to express nuances faithfully using colours and shapes. And then I have been creating paintings under the theme of a person's existence for the last twenty years.Various connections with others are very important element to my works. Weaving the memories of them continues daily, which are plied on me.My source of inspiration extends from conversation with others ,who I face daily to moments when I come across strangers on the streets. It means illuminating usually unregarded places, which is very important to our life looking at our daily activities.If I compare its relation to things, they are like table legs and floor. If the table legs are unstable, it does not have meaning of existence and does not help us at all.In my works I replace this idea to the relationship between others and me. From this point of view I extend my imagination looking at our daily life variedly formed among us.I occasionally take out memories from the past, which accumulates on the inside of me and they are incorporated in the frame. Through this process clear images and colours are visualized towards completion.I paint canvas and wooden panel with oil and acrylic colours because their variation are unlimited and also whenever images are visualized I can touch in.I believe that our life, which seems commonplace is based on existence of other people. I do not want to lose my universal sense of trusting them and existing together even though it may disappear anytime.I believe creation as a method to face the time when I am alive will be changing widely without any limits according to my lifestyle.