"An Image of Fine Emotion"
"An Image of Fine Emotion"
at Free Space PRAHA / Sapporo
2003/5/24 – 2003/6/1
directed by PRAHA Project


This is my second exhibition as this direction. In 2002, I used the black pen with a fine point and painted all the white walls, but this time I painted on coloring walls. Its color changed the place, and the new green verdure color as May and green as UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON connect and link each other, at last a very transparent story has set there. This motif was also women, but it closely related to my mental image. At first, I painted light yellow green and creamy colors on wherever I wanted to. Next, I draw women wearing various looks and expressions somewhere. There existed unconsciously some feelings of people as images. What are the images? You could imagine and interpreted in various ways as you like.
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