"The Time Axis for Horizontal Moving"
"The Time Axis for Horizontal Moving"
at Capybara Cafe / Ishikari
2003/11/19 – 2003/12/9
directed by Capybara Cafe


When I thought that the time moves as horizontal or vertical line, it was horizontal for me.
But maybe you all write your curriculum vitae in vertical, usually. Of course, sometime I do and you could see me like that at the exhibition. For example, I wrote my curriculum vitae, in vertical line. I know there was never persuasive power. However, as I imagine how the life is, I think it should be horizontal as the image of street. I might just like it the way.
In a magazine, I found one sentence, "I want to be a person who could find out a non-drifting thing well from drifting things." Certainly I try to raise an eye to make sure of. Will I live on easily? What do I drift, what I pick up into me myself and how I make use of them? In a situation that I am always drifting in a time, if I would take something which never drifts, I wonder how it will come to my life again. If its inside was full of someone's feeling, I think it might be his or her memories. In fact, I have flown so many things, but I don't know how many things I have found, which are necessary for me. During this time, something important might be drifting and I am anxious to pick them up...
We each have to have our own styles. If we don't have it each, we might loose our time in a streaming of people. It's important to find out something important in a time and it might be better to find them well. But I try to make an effort to keep my own time.
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