"Hanaumi / Present / Tomorrow Color"
The Exhibition of 20 Artists' Examination - Arts of Hokkaido
at Sapporo Citizen Gallery / Sapporo
2004/3/3 – 2004/3/14
sponsored by Sapporo Art Exhibition Committee, Sapporo Cultural Art Foundation
supported by The City of Sapporo


This exhibition has introduced artists in Sapporo who continue to create experimentally. I exhibited by the recommendation of Naoto IWASAKI, a curator of Sapporo Art Park. The wall divided into 3 dimensions and I set wooden panels which I have painted using acrylic acid pens to express the drifting image of ups and downs. At the center of the 3 walls, I set 2 big works, S100 size each. And I arranged others on the right and left walls, to complement those 2 big works naturally. Three works insisted on each and I could create a uniting space. In March, as I became free mentally, I had a theme to give new buds to my works.
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