"The Feeling Blooming by The Roadside"
A MUSE LAND 2005 -Tie and Untie
at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art / Sapporo
2004/12/10 – 2005/1/16
Artists: Tomoko ISHIDA, Michiyoshi ISOZAKI + Galaxy, Zon ITO, Hiroko ITO, Shigeyo KOBAYASHI, Shu SAITO, Ko HIRAMACHI, Utako SERIZAWA
sponcored by Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, NHK Sapporo Broadcasting, Artepia
supported by The Hokkaido Bank Cultural Foundation, JR Hokkaido


This modern art exhibition has done every year at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, and many children and grownups are also could enjoy. I arranged one big work on each 2 walls. One is an installation connecting paintings of ups and downs and women like a landscape, which looks like our life time long, on a notched wall has set by an angle of 90 degrees. The other one is a set of paintings and solids that slopes gently from the almost 4 meters height wall to the floor. Both motif is women and green color, then I expressed relationship styles between people by a black pen with a fine point to draw ordinary daily scenes. The exhibition's theme was "Tie and Untie." There held workshops, events and some programs that people could join to create art works. I also planned live drawing events every other weekend, and they gave me a good tension and I could enjoy the situation. Thanks a lot, especially Mr. Kamata.
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