"Relationship With"
"Relationship With"
for Art AKEBONO 2005 –Winter Program
directed by npo S-AIR
Shu SAITO "Relationship With" 2006/2/18 – 2006/2/23, at North 201/a health room
Asami KOBAYASHI 2006/2/18 – 2006/2/23, at North hallway on the 3rd floor
Hiroaki MURAGISHI 2006/2/26 – 2006/3/2, at North 201/a health room
Hiroyuki NOGAMI 2006/3/1 – 2006/3/10, at the outdoor greenhouse
Guest Artist: Loreta VISIC(a residence artist from Croatia)
2006/3/4 – 2006/3/10, at North 201/a health room


This exhibition was held by 4 artists who are active at AKEBONO KAIMEISYA and a foreign artist from Croatia who is invited for residence program of S-AIR. I composed this works link with the theme of my exhibition in Kyoto. In Kyoto, I presented an inner relationship personally. And this time, through a relationship with this white space, a health room, I thought about the significance of the health room in school and what I have been presented. When I think of the room, various functions like "escaping from the reality," "consulting a life" and "recovering a mental side" come up to me first. Indeed it's so necessary and important, as a positive meaning, for students to be vigorous and to be back to their usual school days. Instead of it, it has also an image of a hospital based on white. If I get at the health room in a school which is not able to exist only there and I think it has an inconsistent significance, I could imagine that it has a common nature with the function of art expression. An art room was called "the second health room" by students at the school I worked for at the time. This fact is interesting and it has a relationship with me and my daily life. If my works could let you feel something like going back from a health room in a school, I'm really happy.
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