"To Be Related"
"To Be Related"
at Gallery neutron / Kyoto
2006/1/28 – 2006/2/12
directed by neutron


I planned this solo exhibition to link with another one's theme in February in Sapporo. First I worried to exhibit the completely same work for different places, in Kyoto and Sapporo. But I soon reached to the answer that it's better to do naturally as I was, and I arranged the installation with drawings. I set one big panel at the center of the 3 walls, and the private stories were spread freely to right and left. As setting pieces thoroughly, I could create the relationship or memories of ups and downs. I have prepared some thin plywood panels already painted for connecting with each small pieces, because not to allow to paint directly. This gallery includes a café space, so I felt it was difficult and enjoyable to think fully about the view from the café. My theme was "To Be Related." My works might face to me myself and my reality, but the space surrounding me is an unreal box. In such an inconsistent world, it is entirely happy for me to share the pleasure to touch splendid streaming colors and shapes with you.
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