"The River Is Flowing"
at SOSO CAFE / Sapporo
2006/6/17 – 2006/6/30


I held a solo exhibition at SOSO CAFE, a gallery cafe. At the opening party for the first day, I planned an open painting, installation and finished my work with people. As I put some small pieces on each tables, different views would be appeared when visitors and customers touch and move them freely. I think the life is "balance." And I had read that "river" symbolizes the balance, in a book once. Now I'm always conscious of the balance among all "relationships." The book says, "as the river flows, it's important to move by oneself. Because it’s the same as the river cleans itself with flowing. So we need to move our bodies." Moving is to step forward. I wanted to create a space like I'm drifting myself.
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