"As a Straight"
Portraits of a Water Vein '06, Contemporary Art in Japan, Korea and Germany
at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art / Sapporo
2006/5/26 – 2006/6/4


This 4th group exhibition, "Portraits of a Water Vein" was held with 24 artists from 3 countries, Japan, Korea and Germany. The pasts were for only Japan and Korea. My space was big and I wanted to create the center with strong and soft image. At first, based on combining four F100 size canvases on the wall, and I arranged big and small pieces around them as an installation style. Mr. Toru SASAKI, who exhibited at the next booth, said to me, "You look so happy" when I carried my work into the space. Yes, I really enjoyed. I named my work "straightforward," and I recomposed the time and the space of the artists (indeed, me) in the big wave, into the color and shape with drawing people. I came up with various ideas to express the portrait of a character as I imagined you could get a message that it lets self-consciousness release into the space by the color and shape.
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