"The Fine Viewing Hill"
Sapporo Art Stage 2007
at underground passage at center of Sapporo, Odori station / Sapporo
2007/11/1 - 2007/11/30
directed by Sapporo Art Stage 2007 Committee


This art festival has held one month to activate Sapporo's art scene. And I exhibited my work for "500m museum," at underground passage at center of Sapporo. I made 10 m wall a hill and I set big and small drawings there. I drew them based on several pictures I have taken before, and I expressed an uneven land image by wooden panels' thickness. The title is "The Fine Viewing Hill." This street is connected with the Tube of Odori station and bus center station, so many people walk through. Indeed it's a kind of performance only to carry our works into the space and also a tool for communication with others. I noticed my works fit to brick wall more than I have imagined. The fact was surprising for me. If you have found cheerful atmosphere and found out something new, I'm happy.
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