"Nothing Makes Up for Feeling"
at CAI Contemporary Art Institution / Sapporo
2007/6/3 – 2007/6/21
directed by CAI Contemporary Art Institute


At first, based on my theme for this solo exhibition "nothing comes up to feeling," I collected words and sentences by 13 women each in advance. And I drew various scenes and styles which people live in their life by my own colors and shapes that I imagined by their words. Not only wooded pieces, I painted on the wall directly, and soft atmosphere and fluffy words' nuance mixed in the air. My works with motif of woman have almost one image that is reflected to my daily life. So they are so womanlike, but at the same time they are idealized woman images by me as a man. I put booklets printed women's words in front of my works each. You could find out your own sublimated colors and shapes through my works, with reading them, and you would feel and listen to your hearts and voices walking along the works.
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