"Still The Wind Blows Gently"
"Still The Wind Blows Gently"
at Gallery neutron /Kyoto
2007/11/14 - 2007/11/25
directed by neutron


The whole coloring style and numbers of my works have changed after the solo exhibition at neutron in January, 2006. The color has become rosy and new installation work was composed by 60 drawing pieces. I arranged those wooden pieces painted private daily images, which is fragmentary, at random. And you would see and feel the work expands widely in the gallery space. At my other solo exhibition in Sapporo in 2007, I set up some works on the floor, and I tried to create to well-balanced space, installation. As owner allowed to me to draw directly on the wall, I continued to do and paint after setting all pieces, because I often represent "connection" between my pieces with my images coming. This time, I could enjoy drawing directly and I felt happy.
The spectators would get easy (good meaning) and gentle feelings after watching my work and I decided this title, "Still The Wind Blows Gently." I might to go through me myself as taking steps forward whatever may happen, maybe.
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