PLUS1 "this place"
Venue: Hongo Shin Memorial Museum of Sculpture / Sapporo
Term: Sep.11. - Sep.26.2010.
Artists: Junya Ohshima, Rie Kawakami, Shu Saito, Toshihiko Shibuya, James Jack, Akira Sendai, Hiroya Bando, Akasi Taniguchi, Dam Dang Lai, Kazuhiko Fujimoto.
Planning Coorporation: Tomoo Shibahashi


First, I imagine "the form of time". and then I tried to represent relation between time and human being with colors. A person in the one painting, she is only one part of the time. and lingering in the flowing times. I constructed a space with miscellaneous things which swells a motif of a person and image in the restricted exhibit space. for representing possibility to share "the form of time".
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